Tours for foreigners in Moscow

коллаж для иностранцевHello! We are the team of “Go and see” project. We invite you to our excursions around Moscow.

While walking with us you will learn about the most interesting Moscow monuments, events, buildings and museums, and also meet extraordinary Moscowites.

During our travelings you will see our city from the very unusual and unfamiliar side. You will understand, that our capital is really a very interesting and worth watching place. We will show you either most famous streets and sights and also very hidden places, which will help you to feel better a special mood of Moscow. After these excursions you will sincerely want to meet with Russian capital again and again.

What we exactly going to propose you:
— Walking excursions around different interesting sites of Moscow
— Mini-bus excursions around downtown and other part of our city

The number of people in a group for walking traveling may be not bigger than 20 persons, and the number of participants in mini-bus excursion may range from 5 to 7 people. This is one of our basic principles: we consider that small groups are more comfortable for perception of our information and more suitable for getting pleasure from our trips.

Here are our most interesting excursions for our foreign guests in English and German languages:

Красная площадьBig sightseeing tour “Moscow as it is”. During this walking excursion you will observe the very known places in the heart of Russian capital. In the program of the tour — Kremlin, Tverskaya Street, Manezh Square, Kitay-Gorod, etc. In the process of this walk you will learn many interesting stories about people and things, connected with Russian history and also watch with your own eyes on the most famous Russian monuments and buildings. (English and German languages. Walking excursion).

остров окончание— Golden island in the center of Moscow. Few people know, that in Moscow, on its main river we have a real island, which is four kilometers long. It plays the same architectural role as the famous Île de la Cité in Paris. Our island has two names: “Balchug” and “Golden Island”. During our excursion we will show you all of its unique sights — the Balchug Hotel, pedestrian bridges, military base, built in XVIII century, the biggest Moscow confectionery factory and a lot of other worth watching things. It is a narrow long stripe of land, full of Russian historical places and monuments. (English language. Walking excursion).

Ваганьково— Excursion around Vagankovo Cemetery. This is one of the oldest and the most famous necropolis in Russian capital. It was established in XVI century and became the burial site for a number of well-known Russian people: artists, scientists, politicians, sportsmen, poets, painters and even criminal leaders . During this trip you will see uncommon headstones and learn interesting stories from lives of people, buried here. We will show you grave of Russian poet Sergei Yesenin, musician and actor Vladimir Vysotsky, great hockey coach Anatoli Tarasov, theater director Yuri Zavadsky, leaders of Russian revolution and many other interesting things. (English language. Walking excursion).

площадь революции собака— The first and the latest Russian revolutions. On this traveling we will show you scenes of action for two tragic and very fatal events of our history. We mean Moscow uprising against tsarist regime in 1905 and shooting of Russian parliament during constitutional crisis of 1993. You will see houses and streets were battles between government forces and militants were happening and observe an old factory, which was completely ruined because of heavy shelling. In the process of walking you will be told about reasons of two revolts and some unknown facts of it. (English language. Walking excursion).

— Criminal Moscow. You will visit the places, where happened the most known and headline-making Russian wrongdoings. We will see an entrance hall in which famous journalist Vlad Listyev was murdered and walk around the square for executions for the dangerous criminals. In the middle of the travelling the story of an officer, who tried to kill the head of the Soviet Union Leonid Brezhnev and most dangerous Moscow metro-line will be waiting for you! In the end of a trip we will see the oldest Moscow prison built in XVII century which still works. (English language. Walking excursion).

Замоскворечье-Walking about wonderful Zamoskvorechye. Zamoskvorechye – is one of the oldest city districts, which is situated on the opposite bank of the Moscow River from the side of Kremlin. Historically on the territory of this region were living richest Russian merchants, who helped to create several monasteries and churches. These buildings became real masterpieces of architectural art. On this excursion we will show you many of these monuments and tell you the most interesting things about their founding. You will also see the Kremlin and downtown of the capital from the bell tower of The Resurrection Church in Kadashi Sloboda (a major Naryshkin Baroque church, the tallest building in Zamoskvorechye). (German language. Walking excursion).

чистые пруды— The Evil spirits on Chistiye Prudy. We invite you to make a promenade around the most mysterious place in our city — so-called “Clear ponds” (in Russian – “Chistiye Prudy”). Here were born a lot of famous Moscow legends and tales. During an excursion you will learn which of them has a real background, and which – just a myth. Definitely, on this trip you will meet ghosts, goblins and other magic creatures and learn why “Clear ponds” was long time ago called “Dirty Ditches”. (German language. Walking excursion).

сретенка двор фонарь— Walking by Moscow De Wallen (A trip to the Moscow red-light district). In the middle of XIX century Sretenka street was a center of prostitution in our city. On this walking tour our guests will walk around it and see really old-time Moscow with its communicating courtyards, two-and tree-floor houses and snug mini-parks. Besides we can propose to you the first Russian China-town and of course — several buildings, where the richest men were spending their money for women in XIX-XX centuries. (English language. Walking excursion).

— Moscow-city – Higher than the clouds! We invite you to observe the first Russian Skyscrapers and to climb on the highest floor one of it. You will have the possibility to observe our city from bird’s eye panorama and to watch the tallest fountain in Europe. You also will learn the story about the creation of Russian tower-buildings and observe one of the most progressive housing complex in Europe. (English language. Walking excursion).

Сандуновские бани— Sanduny – Moscow baths for the kings and czars! Sandunovskie Baths or Sanduny is a bathhouse in our city that was first opened in 1808. Its building is a cultural and architectural landmark in Moscow center located at Neglinnaya street. The baths received water via a specially built aqueduct from the Babyegorodskaya Dam on the Moscow River and from 700 feet of artesian well. Electrical illumination was provided by a private electric power station, which was also used on the coronation of Nikolai II. Sanduny was serviced by approximately 400 attendants, among them were the most famous people from different epochs. Among them were great Russian writer Anton Chekhov and our glorious opera singer Feodor Chaliapin. There is a special proverb for Moscow guests: “If you haven’t ever visited Sanduny – You have never been to Moscow”. And we propose you to visit it with us. (English language. Walking excursion).

— Mini-bus trip “Moscow through the centuries”. During this excursion we are going to show you the most interesting, uncommon and even strange houses and buildings. Our trip begins with observing ancient wooden constructions, then we continue with stone-made palaces, after that – three-storey buildings, created in XIX century, and then come famous “Seven Sisters” (a group of seven skyscrapers in Moscow designed in the Stalinist style). And our special prizes in this excursion are grotesque modern buildings: house-egg, Moscow  Pyramid of Cheops (imagine, we have it in our city!) and the tallest hotel in Europe. At the end of our trip we will propose you to visit our modern skyscrapers named “Moscow-city” and to clip up to the very top floor of it. (English and German languages. Bus excursion).

1 мая 70-е-​ Mini-bus excursion “Back in the USSR”.  Monuments, houses and even people from the Soviet period of time are waiting for you! You will understand, how the famous Soviet lineups in markets were look like, learn who were the “Druzinniki” (members of people’s guard) and observe the typical multifamily unit, prevalent place of living in USSR. (English language. Bus excursion).

Besides the above mentioned excursions, which we conduct in English and German languages, we also able to organize for you any of our walking-tours you choose in our Russian version of the site. We have a special Russian-English interpreter for it. We propose you travelling through the most beautiful lines of Moscow metro, walking around the Boulevard Ring, Tverskaya Street, museum and reserve Tsaritsyno (built at the time of Catherine the Great), German necropolis and many other excursions. The price for our tours depends on the number of its participants and on the type of excursion itself.

If you want to know further details or make an order for excursion,
please call: +7(925) 809-15-66. (Vladimir).

We will help you to see Moscow with your own eyes!